Single Immune Kit

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A huge discount is available to keep you as healthy as possible during these trying times.

This has it all:

   The Immune and Ha' Ola oils and our Body Balm to keep those hands soft and crack free with all the extra hand washing/sanitizing we are doing during these long Covid-19 months.

The Immune oil has essential oils that have a reputation for assisting your immune system during difficult times.  It can be used multiple times during the day.  We use a couple of drops on our feet in the mornings and before bed and a drop directly into the belly button (helpful for those that can't reach their feet) must be further diluted for children under 12 and over 75 years of age you can use any high quality oil for this purpose.

Ha'Ola is a good addition to any sanitizing program and can be applied not only to your hands as barrier but to your face as well.  Great for kids who haven't gotten the concept to keep your hands away from your face. This product also has essential oils with their own reputations for keeping you healthy.

Our Body Balm is great to keep your hands nice and supple preventing cracks and dry patches where germs love to hide.  Use any time of the day and it is safe for all ages.

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