• Large Gift Set

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    Go for it! Hawaiian Pain Management at its best. This is enough to last our average customer 9 or more months.  It comes with one of each Large oils.  RMO (2 ounces), Koali Huna (Bone Oil) and Haola (Foot Oil)(1 ounce each) and 1 Body Balm.  Remember you should be using more of the RMO than the other 2 oils so we give it to you in your orders that way.  Both the Haola and Koali Huna (Foot  and Bone Oils) go directly where you are having pain and the RMO is your little mini massage taking care of the compensating muscle groups and the nerve centers.  No one can take care of you like you can so be sure to bring your mana to the game.  The salve is your first aid kit.  It can be used for bug bites, sun care, scratches and even painful areas if needed.  Go ahead and give yourself all the MANA you deserve. Free Shipping is included with this package.