Large RMO Salve

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Have you ever been out and gotten eaten alive by mosquitoes? Just dab a little on and the itching stops. Want to prevent bites?  

You can even apply to pulse points to repel bugs and mosquitoes it will work for about 2 hours then simply apply more.

How about scratches, your baby skinned their knees or even twisted your ankle?  These salves are your first aid kit.  Any thing you have interrupt your day great day simply clean it and cover with a little of our salve, just a little is all you need, more is just more.  Use it for bug bites, rashes or anything that irritates your skin.  Got Pain? No Bottles? forgot your Mana Gold?  OK just take some out rub between your hands and apply where you are sore.  It works great to carry you over until you get home if you don't have your Mana Gold or your heavy hitting oils handy. 

I have even used it on long runs to prevent chaffing. 

Your order comes with  three of our large 3/4 ounce salves.  

Our Balms and salves come in sets of threes to save you on shipping and handling. 

Feel free to use it for any bug bites, rashes, stings, burns or in a pinch for a slight bit of sun protection (for better protection please use the Sunscreen!)

With all the extra hand washing and sanitizing we're doing the last thing you want is dry cracked hands, what an awesome place for germs to hide.  This salve is gentle enough to use with all age groups and as frequently as you need to keep your hands well protected. 

Colors and smells will vary with each batch as we are working with all natural organic ingredients and each salve is hand poured.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Now please use common sense if you need to see a doctor then please do.  We are talking about minor first aid situations here not lets go to the Emergency Room and have it looked at stuff.    If out in the sun and using it for sun protection please respect the sun herself and avoid her between 11-2 in the afternoons she will understand that you are not stuck up by your avoidance.

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International Shipments are taking at least 4-6 weeks to be delivered.