Thank you for beginning your holistic pain management by using Ho'omana Oils.

There are three separate oils having different uses. Please read the following instructions carefully to obtain the full benefits.

When deciding which oils to apply or which ones you need imagine them like building a house.  The foundation, walls and roof are separate structures but combined to form a house.  The RMO (Royal Mana Oil) corresponds to the foundation it is the basis of the pain relief.  The Bone Oil we'll call the walls it address what the root problem is whether it is bone, nerve or tendon related.  The Foot oil we'll call the roof, it increases circulation allowing the body to bring in the healing minerals that it needs to take care of that area.  When these oils are used in combination, they all work together to aid in healing and provide holistic pain management.

Some notes:
Sleep is the only time your body actually does any healing that make this time the most important time to use the oils.
Yes pain management is fine but we want you to heal not just manage to get through your day.
For pain you can apply many times during the day. You will apply more frequently when you first start using the oils and that is ok your body will let you know when it is ready to decrease the number of times you need to use it.  After using the oils consistently for a month apply for 5 days and rest for 2 days... Why?  As with all things you could build either a tolerance or an allergy to the oils and we are trying to prevent both.   As a side note our daughter has used the oils almost daily for the last 7 years so has Richards mom without problems this suggestion is just for you.

Oil Activation:
The herbs have been in the bottles for some time when you start to use the oils.  Awaken the oils and YOUR MANA by adding a few drops of oils to your hands and rubbing them together briskly warming the oils to body temperature and activating your MANA before applying

RMO( Royal Mana Oil)
This herbal blend was reserved for The Hawaiian Royalty.  It was applied to the King and Queens as a poultice when they were having any type of pain.  We have modernized this blend by taking these same herbs and infusing them into a very bio-compatible and hypoallergenic oil.  Since it is a topical application is provides muscle relaxation with out drowsy side effects.  Doctors have also ok'd its use for Dialysis patients because of its properties and the fact that it is not metabolized in the liver or kidneys. 
Usually applied to the nerve center areas* and the compensating muscle groups.  You can apply it before or after you apply the oils (Bone and Foot) to the painful areas.  Mana is your energy and you spend some time doing this step and do it with the intent of healing.  Some people go so far as to make it their own little massage time.  I prefer to first place the Bone and Foot oils where I have pain and the RMO to the compensating muscle groups because you catch a little of the other oils and get to apply them to the compensating areas without having to use any additional oil.
For sleep we have some people who will apply the Mana Oil to the neck and shoulder areas and they say that it assist them with falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. 
For pre and post workout apply to the muscle area you intend or have worked out.  May also be used in a relaxing soaking bath with a little epsom salt.
For cramps apply directly to the muscle area where the cramp is located
Your nerve centers are found between the shoulder blades  for the upper body and on the lower back between the hip bones for the lower body.  If you have pain between those two areas then you will need to hit both of the nerve centers to quieten them both down at the same time. 

Compensating muscles:  These are the muscles that try to keep you out of pain and are tired and must be given some love in order to let your body heal itself
Where are they?
If you have pain to your right shoulder or hip the left side is the compensating muscle.  I also take care of the area of discomfort at least 6-8 inches around the discomfort.
Now of course the opposite is also true if you have discomfort in your left shoulder or hip the right side is the compensating muscle.
For those with knee discomfort or injury, your calf is compensating and I usually apply some to the lower quads.  Make sure that you get the entire knee area and there is no need for massaging the area just apply gently with the palm of your hand and adding additional oil as you need to get the entire area.  This is why we give you twice as much of the RMO as the other oils you need to feel as if you have plenty of the oils to take care of yourself.
For foot discomfort your calf is the compensating muscle and as long as you have the oils handy there are hundreds of things going on in those feet of yours and they take a daily beating so feel free to give yourself a mini foot massage with the RMO again apply gently to the calf with the palm of your hand.  The oils absorb very quickly so by the time you start to stand it should be all good to stand on but each person is a little different so have something close by to wipe off excess oil off as needed.
For the discomfort that starts in your lower back and shoots its way towards your feet... sometimes it makes it all the way and sometimes it stops any where from the hips down I take the RMO and follow that silly shocking irritating pain all the way down and at least 6 inches past where the discomfort tends to dissipate.The Bone and Foot oil are applied to the low back area   I find that doing this before long car trips (we consider anything over an hour to be a long trip)really helps my hips and back to stay comfortable. Again there is no need to massage the area a simple application using open palms will work just fine just stop every hand width and hold your hand there for a couple of seconds leaving your Mana (love) before moving on.
Hands and elbow compensating muscle groups is the forearm it is usually okay to massage the oils into the forearm and the hand.

Foot Oil:
  Created to be used by Uncle William( the Kumu teaching Richard) for his Diabetic feet.  It is the only one of our oils that a smell.
It is a mix of the RMO and Organic essential oils Tea Tree, Peppermint, Spearmint and Oregano.  Each of those essential oils have been used for thousands of years for different reasons.  The mints increase circulation,  oregano has been used for its expectorant and antibiotic qualities and tea tree is famous for its anti-fungal  properties.  The list of things these essential oils have been used for over the many centuries is very long. 
So we use the Foot Oil to bring circulation to the area of discomfort helping the other oils go to work faster and deeper .
You only need a couple of drops for it to do its job.
Our clients report to us that they use this for:
Aching feet, cough, congestion, circulation in the diabetic feet, stress, colds, focus numbness, headaches, tiredness keeping pesky mosquitos away.  Richard calls it the "Stay Married Oil"  I keep it close at hand for long drives.

Bone Oil:
This herbal blend is the oldest recipe of our family.
This historical oil is made using the same herbs the Hawaiians used for "THE ROOT" of pain when their warriors had severe injuries like broken bones. We use it for any on-going or chronic problems that may be caused from any type of bone, nerve, tendon or ligament problems.  To say the least our family goes through a lot of this oil.  People with chronic conditions have used this with great results for:
Arthritis,  Sciatica and lower back pain Sprains, Diabetic or Chemo Neuropathy, Sports Injuries, Fibromyalgia, Migraines Broken Bones, Plantar Fasciitis and Post joint surgery just to name a few.  Will it work for you?  I can't say give it a try and see how it helps you feel.  Can I diagnose what is wrong with you?  No.  Only you and your doctor can decide what is going on with your body.

Our salve is your First Aide Kit.  Take it everywhere with you you know you aren't going to be taking those bottles with you so we made something that is very portable.  It is made from our RMO and the same essential oils as the Foot oil and an organic bees wax, sorry that does make it not Vegan but I haven't found anything else that works as well .  You can use it for aches and pains while you are out.  It is an amazing skin conditioner especially before and after being in the sun.  It will eliminate the burn and itchiness of mosquito, fire ant, jelly fish or other skin irritations.   
We have chosen to keep everything as a topical application.
We use these oils on our farm animals and pets (Don't use the Foot Oil on your cat)