How We Got Started

We were basically desperate parents looking to help our daughter.

We found ourselves in a place where she needed pain management but unable to use pharmaceutical medications.

My Husband spent many years with his Hawaiian Kumu(teacher) to learn about traditional Hawaiian Herbs that they used before our medications were available to them.

Research was done to find the highest quality essential oils and most hypoallergenic carrier oil..

When we first started the oils were made for different problems that others in our family had Foot oil for Uncle to aid his diabetic neuropathy and for Cousins Migraines.  Bone Oil was created  for Moms chronic back pain. 

Word got out and before we knew it people were calling us at work to see if they could stop by to pick up some oils.

We still make and hand pour all the oils on our organic farm on the Big Island.  Our Daughter still gets her fractures but she now has the oils to help her body know where she needs the healing.  

What's next?

January 15th (hopefully will be the reveal of our newest products)  Come back and check us out then.


The ability for YOU to heal YOU.

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